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‘The Cheetah and the McLaren P1’ – Limited Edition Sketch Print 


To coincide with the release in the UK of the film documentary, ‘Chasing Perfect’, Frank Stephenson Design is releasing a limited edition sketch.  Frank sketched this insightful and detailed sketch in May 2019.

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‘The Cheetah and the McLaren P1’ – Limited Edition Sketch Print

The sketch is based on Frank’s philosophy of ‘Design Inspired by Nature’ and the art and science of biomimicry. This sketch features the lines of the cheetah and the McLaren P1.  To complement the number of P1’s sold there are 375 limited edition sketches.

Product Details

  • The sketches are numbered and personally signed by Frank.
  • If a specific print number is desired, please email your request to We will confirm if it’s available and if so, hold it for you for 3 working days whilst you order online.
  • The oversized A3 prints (450mm x 320mm) are produced using an ultra-fine inkjet printing process with a 100 year archival quality onto Omnia 320gsm.
  • The print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity personally handwritten to you and signed by Frank.

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