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P1 Sailfish



P1 Sailfish:
In 2013, Frank penned, arguably, his most iconic design to date with the McLaren P1. Featured on this T-shirt is the sailfish, which Frank had shipped stuffed and shipped back from his Carribean holiday knowing that the secret to impeccable aerodynamics was hidden within the structure of the fish’s scales. Partnering an original sketch of the P1 with stylish graphics of the sailfish, this shirt gives an impression of what official merchandise that could’ve launched alongside the car might have felt like.

Washing Guidelines:
Always wash t-shirt inside out
Do not wash at a temperature higher than 30 degrees
Air dry T-shirt. Never tumbledry.
Always iron T-shirt inside out.

Garment details:
Fabric weight: White 144 gsm Black 153 gsm
Material: 100% ringspun cotton

Printed on sustainably sourced cotton using a water-based, carbon neutral ink printing method.

Size : Chest (to fit, inches)
S : 34/36 , M: 38 , L: 40/42 , XL: 44/46 , XXL: 48/50 , 3XL: 52


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